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By Sara Vogel
Last year, through the NYC Department of Education’s Digital Ready initiative, students from Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School in the Bronx made the trek downtown weekly to participate in Global Kids’ Playing for Keeps Citywide program.

This year, we are excited to announce that our partnership with Fannie Lou and Digital Ready has continued, and the 20-stop subway commute for Fannie Lou students has disappeared.

In a blended in-school / after school program taking place on site, students will explore topics that are culturally relevant to them, develop computational and iterative design process skills, and make connections to global issues, all while designing and coding an online game or detailed prototype of a game. Those who complete the program will be able to receive academic credit for their participation.
Youth game designers at Fannie Lou have already identified the elements of various games, made a list of reasons why they personally play games, and have created their own version of the playground game from China, Turtle Wushu.


FLH youth game designers strategize before a playtest of their new version of Turtle Wushu. In response to a design challenge to make the game more collaborative, the group added two teams to the game and changed the goal to ensuring the safety of the team’s captain.


On the first day, students play the addicting, dimension-bending tablet game, Monument Valley, noting down the various elements of the game.

Special thanks to the Hive Learning Network for making the connection to Digital Ready, and to our partners at Digital Ready and Fannie Lou Hamer.

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