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DC Advisory Council

Anya Schmemann, Chair

Council on Foreign Relations

Daniel J. Barker, Halcyon

Aimee Carter, Distilled Spirit Council of the US

Claire Casey, AARP Foundation

Desiree Cormier, US Dept. of State

Eric K. Federing, KPMG

Daria Grayer, Association of

American Medical Colleges

Rhonda Henderson, Achievement Network

Elise Labott

Natasha Lebedeva, NBC Universal

Meredith Miller, Albright Stonebridge Group

Ashley Quarcoo, Election Trust Initiative

Morgann Reeves, Deloitte

Nancy Sefko, Albright Stonebridge Group

Edwige Stephen, Booze Allen Hamilton

Christopher Van Es, BlackRock

NY Advisory Council

Monique Coleman, Actress

Christopher DeMarco, UBS Securities

Paula DiPerna, International Policy Consultant

Margaret Dulany, The Synergos Institute

Lauren Flanigan, Opera Singer

Elisabeth de Kergorlay

Peggy Kerry, United States Mission to the United Nations

Cheryline Lewis

Michelle Meertens

Julia Moffett, Future of Leary Fund

Imran Riffat

Robert A. Scott, Adelphi University

George Stephanopoulos, ABC Television

Catharine R. Stimpson, New York University

Susan Witter