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By Sara Vogel
This weekend, two intrepid students from Global Kids’ In School Youth program took the long subway ride out from the International Arts Business School at the Wingate campus in Flatbush to the New York Hall of Science in Queens to participate in the annual Maker Faire.
They marveled at extravagant Lego creations and robots of all shapes and functions, checked out the life-sized mouse trap and the boxcar derby, and drank fruit smoothies. They also engaged those passing through NYC Hive’s section of the Young Makers tent in interactive “choose your own adventure” storytelling using the platform Twine.
Clayderman and Deion began the story:

You wake up on a beach by your home. You see some driftwood and a metal bat. Which do you choose to pick up, the metal bat or the driftwood?

From there, each Maker Faire attendee who stopped by added a passage and a link or two to the story.  By the end of the day, the tale included playing softball with coconuts, talking fish, and snapping turtles. Check it out here. Be prepared: it is very much a rough cut and there are some broken links — none of the Makers at the event wanted to end the story!

Deion from GK’s ISY program helps two Maker Faire attendees add their passage to the interactive story.

Thanks to Hive for inviting us to take part!

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