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GK TODAY: Winter - Spring 2024 Update

Spring is springing, and students are more than halfway through the 2023-2024 school year. In the coming months, graduating high school seniors will be making their final college decisions, accepting their diplomas, and attending GK’s Senior Extravaganza; summer learning and career exploration opportunities are being lined up; and our spring gala and Annual Youth Conference are just around the corner in May!

As we look ahead and busily prepare for these critically important months in our 35th year of serving youth, we’re reflecting on the successes in our programs over the winter and early spring season here at GK. Read on to catch up on all of the latest news from Global Kids!

Inspiring the next generation of global citizens

Global Education programs & activities at Global Kids this quarter

Global Kids’ programs are designed to foster an innate sense of global citizenship in the next generation of leaders and build key competencies like understanding perspectives different to their own, communicating their ideas, and taking action. This quarter, GK students have been active participants in their local communities and in the world, gaining insights into various social issues and current events impacting the globe and cultivating an appreciation and understanding of cultures and histories through interactive Black History Month and Women’s History Month lessons and workshops. A group of GK students also had the opportunity to travel to Dubai for COP28, this year’s iteration of the UN’s Climate Conference.

Global Kids Students Venture to Dubai for COP28 UN Climate Conference
In December, five of our students —Thandi, Zahra, Jordany, Sarah and Fatima— embarked on a six-day trip to Dubai for the COP28 UN Climate Conference. As one of GK’s student delegates, Zahra took center stage at a panel event to share her passion for climate action and how she’s making waves in the fight against climate change. Over the course of the trip, the students participated in various conference events and discussions with leaders and fellow youth, contributing their voices to important conversations advocating for a sustainable future.

Black History Month
To honor and celebrate the contributions of Black individuals throughout American history, Global Kids students engaged in meaningful workshops and activities planned by GK’s Global Education Department in partnership with our Black Affinity Group. From visiting cultural institutions like The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC and the Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism exhibit at Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, to hosting discussions on activism and empowerment, participating in educational arts & crafts activities focused on the Black Lives Matter movement, and more, our students immersed themselves in history and culture, and the stories of inspiring leaders, artists, and activists – past and present.

Women’s History Month
In recognition of Women’s History Month, the Global Ed team — in partnership with GK’s Women’s Affinity Group — organized a series of workshops and projects dedicated to highlighting the achievements and resilience of women throughout history. Students participated in several activities, including writing short stories about impactful women, an art exhibition showcase, and more. Global Kids leaders from The High School for Public Service participated in Girls in Science and Engineering Day at the Intrepid Museum, and some of our youngest GK leaders at CS 262 showcased the contributions of notable women throughout history through costumes and informative displays, honoring figures like Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, and Madam C.J. Walker.

2024 Youth Conference Planning Season is Here!
On May 23, students will gather at Columbia University for a full day of completely youth-led learning and meaningful discussion during our GK’s 2024 Annual Youth Conference. In preparation for the special event, our incredible and highly dedicated team of youth Conference Planners are diligently coordinating an exciting slate of peer-led workshops, guest speakers, and more. Planning and participating in the conference not only gives youth the opportunity to delve into a human rights topic of their choosing, but also enables them to cultivate their leadership and public speaking skills and engage in thoughtful discussions with their peers on topics that are important to them.


College Visits, Career Exploration, and more at Global Kids

Students across all our sites participated in FAFSA workshops, college tours, career fairs and college fairs like New York Urban League’s annual HBCU Fair, and opportunities for career exploration, in addition to receiving support in the college admissions and financial aid application processes. College trips GK facilitated this quarter included visits to the campuses of Guttman Community College, New York University, Kingsborough Community College, Queensborough Community College, SUNY Old Westbury, St. John’s University, Brooklyn College, SUNY Farmingdale, and Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.

Students also received support to complete their applications for summer work experiences through the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), while GK staff have been recruiting employers to serve as SYEP worksites and provide youth with meaningful career exploration and paid internship opportunities this summer. 

Meanwhile, at Community School 262, GK programs sparked a sense of excitement for the future. Some of the youngest students we serve in grades K-3 explore exciting careers, while 4th & 5th graders delve into career clusters and college accessibility as they look ahead to the many future professional and academic pathways available to them.

Never too early to dream big! Inspiring early college & career goals at
Community School 262

P.S. – Attention employers in NYC! Click Here to learn more about GK’s role as SYEP provider and how you can get involved.

Girls in Science & Engineering Visit the Intrepid Museum
Global Kids leaders from the High School for Public Service (HSPS) participated in the Girls in Science and Engineering Day at the Intrepid Museum, which celebrated women in STEM and empowered g youth to explore careers in the field.

Exploring the World Through Careers with Chemonics
In Washington DC, GK supporter Chemonics, a leading global sustainable development firm, hosted an interactive panel discussion about careers in international development with ChemONYX, its Black employee resource group. Over 40 GK youth leaders from around DC participated in an informative Q&A, where the guest speakers addressed topics including public safety and migration.


Special guest speakers, workshops, and hands-on activities foster students' sense of social and emotional wellbeing

In an era marked by increasing demands and challenges, nurturing social and emotional wellness has become a top priority at Global Kids, and remains one of the four pillars that guide our work. Our commitment to supporting the holistic development of youth encompasses programs and initiatives that foster self-awareness, positive relationships, and effective decision-making skills. Throughout the year, Global Kids provides students with safe spaces to discuss issues that are important to them; activities that allow them to express themselves creatively; wellness workshops; lunchtime activities; parent engagement; support from our MSW interns; and access to guest speakers in health & wellness professions.

Mental Health Matters at Q300
Global Kids leaders of Q300 recently had the honor of welcoming journalists Micah Fink and Sydney Fink, thanks to the support of the Pulitzer Center. Together, they engaged our student leaders in an enlightening conversation, focused on the importance of dialogue between generations on the topic of mental health. The important discussion aimed to destigmatize mental health issues and normalize talking about them, with the goal of empowering young people to recognize signs of mental health struggles, initiate conversations with friends or loved ones, and seek out important resources when needed.

Micah, who established Common Good Productions and has earned accolades as a producer, director, and writer, was accompanied by Sydney, his teenager and fellow podcast host. To learn more about their work, visit “Conversations with Sydney” on the Pulitzer Center website.

Celebrating Identity Through Black History Month and Women’s History Month
During BLM Week of Action at International High School, students participated in creating BLM Valentine’s Day cards, where they highlighted parts of the movement that most resonated with them. Students also participated in a “Healing Through Hip-Hop” workshop, in which they learned about the start of hip-hop and analyzed the lyrics of songs. They were then tasked with coming up with their own rhyme. Students were able to tap into the beat and express themselves and explore topics of their choosing.

During Women’s History Month, High School for Global Citizenship was very excited to continue our annual tradition of celebrating Women’s Day for all our female-identifying students! Students were invited to participate in three workshops centered around self-reflection, empowerment, and career readiness, followed by an anonymous Q&A in which students discussed answers to questions they were perhaps too afraid to ask out loud. Women’s Day at HSGC also featured a special guest – a female small business owner of a cosmetics company, who discussed what it takes to start your own business in the beauty industry. Students were able to try some of her amazing products, such as lip glosses, lip balms and lashes!


From Attendance Support to Extracurriculars; Cultivating Academic Excellence through Hands-On Learning and Academic Enrichment

Three years after the start of the pandemic in 2020, parents and educators have witnessed an increase in chronic absenteeism, learning loss, and lingering detrimental effects on social, emotional, and behavioral development. The pandemic also exposed educational inequalities in the schools we serve, which often lack the resources necessary to provide supplementary academic enrichment.

Amidst the challenges students face in this new post-pandemic world, Global Kids remains committed to fostering academic excellence and providing enriching educational experiences for our students. Here’s a glimpse of our students’ recent accomplishments in academic achievement at the schools we serve.

Zero Period Gym at Careers in Sports HS inspires physical health … and healthy attendance!
The first and most important step to academic achievement? Good attendance! Every morning from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM at Careers in Sports High School, Global Kids hosts Zero Period Gym, an attendance incentive in which GK pairs students interested in sports with getting students in the building. Between 20-35 students attend each morning.

Celebrating Perfect Attendance at PS 21
Global Kids is proud to support healthy school attendance at all of the community school sites where we are embedded as lead CBO. At PS 21, we recently had the pleasure of celebrating our students’ exceptional commitment to their education with perfect attendance certificates.  Congratulations to all the adorable awardees at PS 21 for their outstanding attendance records!

Q300’s Big Wins at the Queens American Debate League Championships
Q300 dazzled at the Queens American Debate League Championships, debating the NSA’s surveillance of U.S. citizens. Despite fierce competition, our teams clinched 1st and 6th places overall, remaining undefeated!  We’re so proud of our speakers who shone too, and bagged 1st, 3rd, and 6th place awards!

By participating in the American Debate League, students from 3rd to 12th grades practice essential public speaking, debate, and leadership skills. Congratulations to our remarkable debaters for their outstanding achievements!


Upcoming Events & Activities at Global Kids

We cordially invite you to join our gala celebration and launch of our 35th year educating, inspiring, and mobilizing youth to become global citizens. This event will recognize esteemed individuals and institutions that reflect the promise of the Global Kids’ mission. 

To learn more about how you can serve as a sponsor, purchase tickets, or reserve your table, visit the 35th Anniversary Benefit Event Page on our website, or contact development@globalkids.org.

To our DC friends: mark your calendars for June 5th! The DC Advisory Council will be hosting a fundraising and cultivation event. More details to be announced. 

Other upcoming events include our Annual Youth Conference in May (stay tuned for announcements on this year’s topic and how you can get involved), the 3rd Annual GK Golf Classic Tournament at Pelham Country Club on June 25th, and much more. Be sure to check our Events Calendar page for the latest updates and registration links.