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Suffragettes of Color

Portraits by Global Kids and Art and Design High School youth

Global Kids youth leaders have highlighted ten prominent women of color who made a significant impact in their fight for equality and Woman’s Suffrage in New York in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and women’s constitutional right to vote.The artwork for this campaign was created as part of Global Kids’ Girl Hack digital education program.

Click on the portraits below to learn more about these brave women.

“This project heavily resonated with what I learned in Girl Hack regarding women who had a long-lasting and strong impact on society. Being able to reciprocate this with my art meant a lot to me as i wanted to help others be inspired and recognize these important women across the city of New York.”
-Alyssa C., Art and Design HS student

“Women of color were instrumental to fight for women’s suffrage but as is often the case in our history, their work has been erased. We are thrilled to have our youth’s artwork make their contributions visible to all.”
-Evie Hantzopoulos, Global Kids Executive Director

“We are proud to partner with Global Kids as our talented creators further the legacy of Black female innovation, representation and advocacy. It is critical that our future leaders see the diverse possibilities of their own success by reflecting on past struggles for equality.”
-Maximillian Re-Sugiura, Art and Design HS Principal