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Registration is NOW OPEN!

2020 global kids annual youth conference

Wednesday, April 8th
Hunter College
695 Park Avenue, NYC 10065
Each spring, the Global Kids Annual Youth Conference brings together over 500 young people and 100 educators from public schools and youth organizations for a youth-led event that addresses an international issue of importance. The event is organized and carried out by students in GK’s Conference Planning Committee, who participate in a rigorous training process, select the conference theme, choose the event’s guest speakers and, working with experts and GK staff members, develop and conduct interactive workshops for their peers. .
This year’s conference theme is Gender Equity and will feature workshops on topics such as gender dynamics in the workforce, LGBTQIA+ rights, sexual exploitation, marriage and family life, health outcomes, and more. 
As the culminating event for the young people involved in the Power of Citizenry Leadership Program, the Annual Youth Conference provides GK students with a space to demonstrate their growth in our programs. The youth involved commit countless hours to the program and many of them identify organizing the conference as one of the most important events of their high school careers. The Annual Youth Conference is also a life-changing event for the students who attend. Many of them comment that the event is one of the few forums in which youth are trusted with challenging international content and given an opportunity to voice their opinions about critical world issues.

Conference schedule

  •  8:00AM     Breakfast and Registration 
  • 9:00 AM    Opening Plenary 
  • 10:30 AM  Morning Workshops 
  • 12:00 PM  Lunch
  • 1:00 PM    Afternoon Plenary
  • 2:00 PM    Afternoon Workshops
  • 3:30 PM    Closing Plenary 

Check back for updates on Workshops and Speakers.

For any questions, email conference@globalkids.org